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Helping Your Children Cope with Your Cancer (Second Edition)
A Guide for Parents and Families

Helping Your Children Cope with Your Cancer (Second Edition)
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Written by Peter VanDerNoot, Contribution by Madelyn Case

Category: Health & Fitness - Diseases - Cancer; Self-Help - Emotions; Family & Relationships - Death, Grief, Bereavement
Format: Trade Paperback
On Sale: October 17, 2006
Price: 15.95
ISBN: 978-1-57826-231-1 (1-57826-231-3)


Table of Contents:




Professionals: Sharing Their Insight

1.The Importance of Communicating with Your Kids About Cancer

2.A Look Inside a Children’s Support Group

3.Sharing the Journey with Your Child

4.Kids Count’s “Chemo Bear” Hits the Road to Meet Special Needs


Parents: Helping Their Kids Cope

5.Unconditional Love

6.A Little Understanding Goes a Long Way

7.“Mom, I Lost It Today!”

8.Do It With Love, And All Else Is Irrelevant

9.My Family Has Cancer

10.Ready to Enter Chemotherapy

11.Speaking With the Angels

12.I Am Ashamed

13.Something Is Wrong!

14.Goompa Has an Owie

15.I Love Life!

16. Baldy Head...Hair Head

17.Children: The Forgotten Part of Cancer

18.Cool, Mom!

19.Yes, Mom, I’m Scared

20.Robin’s Hope

21.Amy’s Year

22.“Manuel, You Have Cancer”

23.Children’s Support Group Was a Godsend

24.There Is a Purpose to All This

25.Teachers Can Make a Big Difference

26.Andy Updates

27.Helping Kids CLIMB through Tough Times


Children: Expressing Themselves

28.From Gilda’s Club

29.Mom’s Cancer

30.Mom Talked With Me Every Day

31.For My Daddy